Anesthesia Options

Local Anesthesia – It is the injections given to numb the area for treatment.  This is the most typical method used, and the patient is awake through the procedure.

Local Anesthesia supplemented with oral medications – This is used to in addition to the local anesthesia to reduce anxiety.  A medication is prescribed and then taken by mouth prior to the procedure to help the patient feel more relaxed.

Nitrous oxide analgesia – This is “laughing gas” administered  by a mask placed over the nose.  In addition to local anesthesia this provides relaxation for the treatment.

IV sedation – An intravenous line is usually started in the arm or hand.  Medications are given through the IV to provide a deeper sedation or twilight sleep.  Local anesthesia is also given.  A preoperative visit will review your medical history and help to determine if you are a candidate to receive IV sedation in an office setting.