Oral Pathology 

Dr. Wolfrom evaluates and treats a wide variety of pathologies associated with the mouth and face.

Since lesions cannot be thoroughly diagnosed by visual inspection, any suspicious area should be biopsied and evaluated with a microscopic examination to ensure proper treatment especially if cancer is a concern.  Most soft tissue procedures are minimally invasive and healing is rapid.  Hard tissue lesions often involve abnormalities of the teeth or jawbones.  The most common ones involve cysts. Microscopic evaluation will indicate if any further treatment is needed or if a recurrence is probable. Other lesions may involve tumors that could require additional surgery.

Dr. Wolfrom will review your specific situation and your treatment options. All tissue removed is sent for microscopic evaluation by oral and maxillofacial pathology experts. Biopsy results usually take several days to return, and you will be contacted as soon as the results are obtained.